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The House System

We have 4 Houses in our school:

Castle (yellow)

Gorrie (Red)

Kerr (Green)

Nisbet (Blue)

Children work hard every day to earn points for their House including lining up in their Houses when entering the school at 9am, break and lunchtime.  Points also get awarded to children for being a Responsible Citizen or Effective Contributor within the school.

As well as working hard to earn points for their House that will help them win the annual trophy, everyone is now working towards their House winning the termly prize.

At the end of each term the House with the most points will be treated to an afternoon at the movies in the school hall with a treat.  The termly points will then be stored away and put towards the final totals in June 2017 when the overall winning House will be announced.  At the start of each term the Houses all start back at zero, allowing for another exciting opportunity to earn House points that will help them get closer to the next movie afternoon prize!

When speaking to the pupils they commented on how this will make winning points very exciting and they like how they have lots of chances to win the movie prize.  Children know that points are awarded for class certificates, good lining up in the playground, 5 points card for being a Responsible Citizen or Effective Contributor and achievements out of school.  Children should remember to bring in any medals, badges or certificates received out of school so that we can award them points for their House.

Our current captains and vice captains are:

Nisbet:  Captain:  Stuart   VC:  Mikayla

Castle:  Captain:  Awais    VC:  Millie

Gorrie:  Captain:  Demileigh   VC:  Jack

Kerr:  Captain:  Zoe    VC:  Hannah