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Eco School Action Plan


Eco School Action Plan

Eco Schools Topic:Date Range of this Plan:




Who’s in charge?

When will it be done by?

How can we monitor it?

How will we know when we’re successful?

How much will it cost?

Did it work?

Any ideas for the future?


National Spring Clean



Mr Hedley




April 2015

School staff working with children.

Noticeable reduction in litter in the playground and surrounding streets.

Litter Picking equipment supplied by Falkirk Council for event.

Children were all very enthusiastic during event and love their chocolate treat from Greggs.


Make litter posters to remind everyone to put their litter in the bin.







Check the posters are seen round the school.

People notice the posters and there is less litter in the playground/corridors.

Nothing except the paper we use

Posters displayed around school for children to see.


Make big posters for the different bins

  • Show what rubbish goes in which bin.






See the finished posters displayed.

The children will know which bin to put the different litter in.

Nothing except the card/paper we use

Our class have more of an idea but we need to share this with the other classes.


Litter pickers.






Whole School


All year round

Ask Mr Forsyth to help and make sure it is completed.

There will be no litter left after break/lunch.




Litter spies.




Selected pupils – rotate pupils


All year round

Check the log book and name and shame litterbugs.

Less names will need to be written in the log book as litterbugs.




Make litter bugs (thinking 3D, colourful, bright but yucky! Need to stand out)




June 2015


We have litter bugs around the school that people can see.

Cost of crafts to make the 3D bugs.



Pictures of children picking up litter or putting it in the bin to display positive behaviour.




June 2015

Check pictures are around the school.

Pupils want to be seen putting their litter in the bin.

Very cheap to print off some photos.



Litter posters made and distributed around school.




September 2014

Check with Mr Forsyth as to the amount of litter in playground.

There will be no litter in the playground.


Posters are now reminding children to put their litter in the bin.


Notices put up and pupils to visit classes to deliver the message reminding pupils to keep the cloakroom areas free of litter.




March 2015

Check with cleaning staff as to the amount of litter in cloakroom areas.

There will be no litter in the cloakroom areas.


Message needs to be given again as cloakroom areas still messy.


Posters made to remind pupils to keep the dining hall floor free of litter




April 2015

Check with catering staff as to the amount of litter on dining hall floor.

There will be no litter in the dining hall after lunch.




Litter survey of areas surrounding our playground as part of Denny topic.  Posters on railings, notice on Facebook and in school newsletter.




June 2015

Re do survey at end of the topic to see if there is an improvement.

There will be less or no litter in the survey areas surrounding our playground.


Positive results in surrounding areas.  Low amounts of litter.






Recycling litter posters







December 2014

Children to create posters about recycling to put up around the school

Encouraging pupils to put litter in the bin


To continue to promote recycling and putting litter into the bin




Remodelling project






May 2015

Children to use junk material to build model islands for Caribbean topic.

Children will have created a model island using junk material.


Children very enthusiastic about bringing in junk materials and building models.


Litter survey in the playground





June 2015

Children to carry out a survey of types of litter found in the playground

Less litter should be left in the playground




Litter pickers – pupils






P6 + P.7



Children each day to pick up litter – children from another class to help, using litter pickers

Children to pick up litter in the playground on a rota basis




Recycle Materials – using litter to create fashion outfits for ‘Trash Fashion Project’.




February 2016

Pupil evaluations and feedback.

Children will be involved in a Trash Fashion Show


Children very enthusiastic and made masks look fantastic.


Recycling Bins – encourage pupils to use the recycling bins outside by making posters and making bins more noticeable/jazzy!






June 2016

Recycling monitors and Mr Forsyth to check level of recycling in bins.

Level of recycling in bins increases.




Litter Bins Survey

- Check how many bins are in playground and if we need any more.




April 2016

Walk around playground to count number of bins in use and the position of them.

Less litter in the playground and more litter in the bins.

No cost unless new bins are required.



Litter Bins

-Check if bins are being emptied regularly/enough.




P.3 and Litter Spies

Check bins regularly to make sure they are not full or overflowing.


Less bins overflowing.