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Primary 7 Transition

The transition from primary school to High School is a big step for every child and both schools play an important role in preparing the pupils for the move.

The primary 7 teacher introduces the preparation for High School to the class at the beginning of the year and gradually builds up to long discussions and active lessons on moving on from primary school.

Denny Primary and Denny High staff work well together to ensure the children look forward to going to High School. As well as the two day visit (normally in June) the children visit the High School for Trash Fashion and the dance show, allowing them to meet several members of staff who will be working with them in first year.

Denny High staff also visit us.

Miss Buchan, Support Teacher, visits from the beginning of the year through to term 4. This is a great opportunity for Miss Buchan to work with and get to know the pupils as well as the children familiarising themselves with Miss Buchan. This is also the time for children to ask those all important questions about the High School.

S1 Dance Academy visit in February and perform for the primary 7 to introduce them to one of the many exciting clubs the children can join.
Members of the maths and english deparments will meet the children in term 4, working with the children to help them place the children in the correct classes for first year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the Senior Management team who can discuss concerns and queries about this transition to Denny High School.