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Transtion from Nursery to Primary 1

In August our new primary 1s start. Most of the children who start Denny Primary are from Denny Primary Nursery School, although we do have children from other nurseries attend too.

The transition process begins in January when the nursery children begin to enrole at their chosen school. Around May / June the primary 1 teacher will visit the nursery several times, to get to know the children a little before they attend school. The nursery staff liaise with the school staff during this time to ensure the primary 1 teacher knows your child before they start in August.

In June a date is arranged for the nursery children to visit the school and spend an afternoon with their teacher in their classroom. To ease the children into school life primary 1 begins a lot like nursery, with the children learning through play. Gradually this will change into a more structured environment for the children.

Witihin the first few days we are sure your child will become an important part of Denny Primary School's community.