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Our School Uniform

We ask all of our pupils at Denny Primary School to wear the school uniform.

Our school colour is blue. Minerva is our patron and can be found on our badge.


Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and counsel (and originally of handicrafts). She was identified with the Greek deity, Athena.


Sometimes called Pallas. She sprang fully grown and armed from the head of Zeus, who had swallowed her mother Metis (wise counsel). Although pre-Hellenic, she became patron goddess of Athens, and personifed wisdom. In Roman mythology she is identified with Minerva.

Our Uniform

Our uniform consists of a school sweatshirt, round neck or hooded, a poloshirt or a white shirt and tie.

Jackets are available in our school colours with our badge already sewn on. The jacket can be purchased as a fleece or in the reversible style (fleece and anorak).

Ordering the uniform

To purchase any of the above items, please contact Mrs Cameron in the school office.