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Our Vision

Denny Primary School will provide a safe, happy environment which encourages and supports each child to reach their full potential while becoming confident and responsible individuals, who are equipped with the life skills required to make an effective contribution within our society in an ever changing future.


  1. To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment which promotes successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.
  2. An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement which allows all to achieve their full potential as individuals while raising and maintaining levels of achievement.
  3. Develop a relevant and challenging curriculum for all using a wide range of learning and teaching strategies, while promoting collegiality and distributed leadership amongst all.
  4. Foster an ethos of achievement and self discipline which values effort and celebrates success.
  5. Develop effective partnerships with parents and the wider community.
  6. Promote an understanding and respect for all others in our evolving and diverse society.
  7. As a Health Promoting school we take a holistic approach to healthy living through all aspects of school life.