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Curriculum For Excellence

Please see the message below forwarded to all Scottish schools on behalf of Lorraine Sanda,  National Parental Involement Co ordinate, Scottish Government

This is to let you know that that we have just published some new short films on Curriculum for Excellence for parents on the Engage for Education web site at  The films illustrate, in nursery/primary/secondary learners', parents' and teachers' own words, the kind of impact and benefits that CfE is having across the country. 

The films contribute towards the Cabinet Secretary's CfE Action Plan 2011/12commitment to develop new materials for parents which illustrate the benefits of CfE, following specific calls for such resources from parents.  They have been developed in co-operation with the National Parent Forum of Scotland.

I appreciate that your authority and nurseries/schools will have their own communications strategies and plans around CfE, but would greatly appreciate your support in asking schools and others to share these latest materials with parents and others pro-actively – for example on websites, by twitter, on blogs etc.  We will also be sending promotional flyers on the films to Parent Council Chairs and head teachers shortly.

Thank you once again for your help and support.

Lorraine Sanda

National Parental Involvement Coordinator

Learning Directorate

Scottish Government