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Meet the Nursery  Team

Hello my name is Don McPherson and I am the Headteacher at Denny Primary School.

We welcome you to Denny Primary Nursery Class.

The Nursery has been open since November 2011. We have a very well established Nursery and a very commited staff team.

The staff would like to tell you a little about themselves.

 Jen MacAlpine Deputy Headteacher/Nursery teacher

Hello my name is Jen MacAlpine and I am the teacher in the Nursery.  I work in the nursery 2 days a week. 

I have been teaching for over 21 years now and I have taught every stage from Nursery through to Primary 7.

Lee Campbell Senior Early Years Officer Blue group key worker

Hello my name is Lee Campbell and I am the Senior Early Years Officer. I work in the Nursery five days a week and I am the keyworker for the blue group. I have been working with children for 15 years now and absolutely love my job. I enjoy watching the children grow and develop and I am  a part of this.

I live at home with my Fiance and our two girls. We love to spend the weekends doing family things like swimming, walking, dance classes etc. We are currently planning our wedding which is very exciting.

Nicola McKeown Early Years Officer/Yellow Group Mrs Thompson Early Years Officer/Yellow Group

Hello my name is Nicola McKeown I have been working with children for over 14 years now. I live at home with my husband David and our son Ross. Ross was born in January 2013 and I am loving being a first time Mum. I now work in the Nursery Monday -Wednesday with the Yellow group.

Hello My name is Caroline Weir and I am an Early Years Officer and I job share with Mrs McKeown on a Thursday and Friday in the Nursery.

Carla Shields Eraly Years Officer/Red group

My name is Carla Shields and I work as an Early Years Officer. I qualified in 2006 and have experience of working with children in a variety of settings. I enjoy messy activities and being outside in all weathers. I am the Key worker for the red group.