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What Glow provides

  • A trusted and safe environment for pupils, practitioners and parents
  • A space to create personalised programmes of work and share thinking and curricular resources
  • A variety of online tools to enhance learning experiences
  • Virtual learning to share information and take part in a lesson
  • Tools to enable you to communicate and collaborate across the network
  • Communities of practice that offer practitioners rich opportunities to share and collaborate
  • Innovation in learning and teaching approaches by engaging and immersing young people in powerful and relevant learning experiences
  • Motivation and support for individualised learning, personalisation and choice

Glow: A guide for parents
This document explains to parents what Glow is and how it can help link learning at home and at school.

To log into Glow or for help logging into Glow click the links below.

REMEMBER: If you lock yourself out of GLOW by accident, don't panic. Tell you teacher in the morning and your password will be reset for you.

Link: Learning and Teaching Scotland - GLOW Information

Link: GLOW Login